Water Heater Repair Intro

water heater repair

Your hot water heater makes it possible for the dishwasher to wash your dishes properly, those great hot showers on cold winter mornings, and your clothes to be clean. It is an important part of the bones of your home.

“These heaters do a lot of work on a daily basis in your home which is why they only have a lifespan of around 10 years,” according to Luis Cameron, who specializes in appliance repair in Sparks.

This short lifespan is an indicator that there will be repairs that need to be done to it at some point. There are gas and electric water heaters and many of the issues that we list are common for both types. If it is specific for one kind or another, we will make sure to highlight that point for you.


This is a problem that only occurs on gas model water heaters. If a pilot light is not lit, it is most likely due to a bad thermocouple or thermostatic control. The thermostatic control is an easier thing to deal with than the thermocouple. The thermocouple is the part that is directly responsible for lighting the pilot light. If this part is the problem, you are going to want to call in a professional to deal with this.


This is a serious problem that is going to require a total diagnostic test to run on the water heater. This problem usually occurs when, either, the heater element or the control valve is broken or malfunctioning. This is a big problem that is going to require you to call in a professional repair technician.


There are usually two different thermostats that work to maintain the proper temperature of the water in the water heater. If the water temperature is shifting from too hot to too cold, you are going to have to test each thermostat to see which one is the problem. Once you narrow it down, it is a simple part exchange that will fix the problem.


The older a water heater gets, the more likely it is to spring a leak. Leaks can commonly be contributed to pressure relief valves, element gaskets, and drain valves. You will just need to expect the heater to find where the leak is coming from and replace the part. This is quite a simple troubleshooting and fix issue to handle.


Like the fluctuating temperature, water that is too hot is likely due to one of the two thermostats not working properly. On many models, there is an upper and lower thermostat to make sure that the temperature is consistent. You will need to determine which one is not working and replace it and the water temperature will get back to the set temperature.


Mineral buildup in the water tank itself is considered to be the primary cause of noise in a gas water heater and it can be the cause in an electric one as well. This is a common problem, especially if your home has hard water. This will require the tank and the valves of the water heater to be cleaned out. If you have an electric water heater, the heating element may be the source of the loud noises.

You should never feel obligated to fix something that you are not confident in fixing. These are common issues that may arise but if you are not comfortable working on a water heater, call in a pro.

Also, call in a professional if there is a complicated problem that you just are not able to troubleshoot yourself. Just make sure that the repair technician has experience working on the type of water heater that you have. Companies we recommend:

One Source Appliance Repair
Raleigh, NC
(919) 815-6428

Sparks Appliance Repair
Sparks, NV
(775) 204-7276

Guinco Appliance Repair
Dallas, TX
(844) 768-1153

A Plus Service & Repair
Jacksonville, FL
(904) 608-2768

Stove & Oven Repair Intro


Below is an introductory guide to stove and oven repair. A kitchen is not complete without a stove top and an oven. There are several brands and models of stoves to choose from. Popular brands include GE, LG, Samsung, KitchenAid, Haier and Jenn-Air. The quality of the stove will determine its expected lifetime. On average, an oven will last around 10 years before regular repair is needed.

You can attempt DIY oven repair. But, do not do so without the proper tools and comfort level. It is always better to be cautious whenever possible. If you are not 100% comfortable in proceeding with a repair, it is best to hire a professional for stove repair or oven repair or company that offers appliance repair in Hesperia.

Read through the list of possible repairs below. Each repair includes troubleshooting tips and common causes. If a repair sounds too complicated, we have also provided a list of recommend local appliance repair companies that can help with all of the problems below. If we do not list an appliance repair service near you, please contact us for a local recommendation.

Please continue reading for a list of common stove problems and oven problems and how to troubleshoot and repair them:


A stove isn’t of much use if it won’t turn on. First and foremost, ensure the appliance is plugged in and that all circuit breakers are flipped on. Then, proceed to troubleshoot the bake and broil element on the oven as well as the burner igniter, the surface element and the infinite switch. Determine which of these parts is the cause of the problem and then replace it with a new part.


You need an oven to reach high temperatures in order to broil and bake food. Low temperatures will ruin the food or extend the time required for cooking. There are two parts that are the most common causes for this problem. The first part is the bake element. Inspect this first. The second part is the oven sensor. Determine which part is preventing the oven from heating properly and then replace it.


The opposite problem occurs when an oven is too hot. If temperatures are too hot too fast, it can lead to burnt food. You should first inspect the thermostats on the oven. An incorrect reading could be the issue and a new thermostat is needed. The other cause of the problem could be the sensors on the oven. You can replace sensors with parts from an appliance part store near your home.


The burners on a stove top must produce extreme heat in order to boil water and cook food. Baker Appliance Parts recommends inspecting the following three parts to determine the cause of the issue: burner switch, terminal block and surface burner element. You can find replacement parts from a local appliance part retailer or online from Baker Appliance Parts. You can also hire a local professional who should have the necessary parts on-hand for their repair.


This problem only occurs on gas ovens and stove tops. The pilot light on the oven must be lit in order for the appliance to heat. You will sometimes notice the gas igniter glows but it does not light. In this case, we recommend inspecting the safety valve, surface igniter and the temperature sensor. You might come to find that repairing a gas stove is too complicated and determine it is time to call a professional appliance repairman for their service.


You need a functioning timer on an oven in order to ensure food is not broiled or baked for too long or too short. The good news is that the only cause for a malfunctioning timer is a broken control board. The bad news is that control boards are very complicated. If the problem is obvious, you can proceed with DIY repair, however, in this case, it might be best to hire an appliance repair company to repair or replace a broken control board.

The list above is just some of the most common problems that can occur on older models of stoves and ovens. In the event a repair is too complicated, we recommend hiring a professional to troubleshoot and complete the repair. Below is a list of certified appliance repair companies able to fix broken stoves and ovens. Companies we recommend:

Premiere Plantation Appliance Repair
Plantation, FL

Hesperian Appliance Repair Brothers
Hesperia, CA

Buxton’s Appliance Repair
Fort Worth, OK

Top Shelf Appliance
Tacoma, WA


Washer Repair Intro


Below is an introductory guide to washer repair. You will find a washing machine in almost every home in the USA. Brands and manufacturers include GE, Whirlpool, Sears, Samsung, Electrolux and Haier. A residential washing machine has an average lifetime of around 10 years. You can extend the lifetime of the appliance with routine maintenance and proper care.

Your comfort level, tools and budget will determine whether you should proceed with DIY repairs for the issues listed below or if it would be better to enlist the services of a local appliance repair service like Ignite who offers appliance repair in Miami Beach or one of the other services below. Baker Appliance Parts encourages amateur handymen and inexperienced homeowners to consider hiring a professional opposed to potentially damaging an appliance further during an attempted repair.

Read through the list of repairs below. If the repair sounds too complicated, we have provided a list of local appliance repair companies recognized for their washer repair service and recommended in the industry. You will find their contact information below. If none of the recommended providers are in your area, you can contact us for a local recommendation.

Please continue reading for a list of common washing machine problems and how to troubleshoot and repair them:


The most common symptom of a broken washing machine or any type of appliance is the presence of loud or strange noises coming from the machine. The type of noise will help determine the source of the problem. For a rattle sound, inspect the pump motor on the washer. For a grinding sound, inspect the washers and bearings for wear or friction. If the noise persists after replacement of the motor, bearings or washers, contact a washing machine repairman near you.


A residential washer requires several gallons of water during each operating cycle. This means there could be a major mess if the machine starts to leak water from it. The likely cause of the leak is either a worn pump or worn door seals. The other common cause of a leaking washing machine is a failed water inlet valve. You can find the necessary replacement parts online or from a local parts distributor. Basic tools are required for this repair.


A washer agitates and spins in order to disperse the laundry throughout the interior of the machine. This is a critical component of the operating cycle. The main reason a washing machine stops spinning is if there is a problem with the direct drive motor coupling on the appliance. A broken door lock or wax motor can also lead to a washer no longer spinning as it should. This is a more complicated repair and is best suited for a professional appliance repair company.


The initial stage of a washing machine cycle involves filling the machine with several gallons of water. The washing machine must be full of water in order to successfully wash the clothing items inside of it. “The first part to test if a washer does not fill with water is the inlet hose on the appliance. This is often the reason for this problem. If the problem persists, inspect the water inlet valve and the lid switch as well to see if that is where the problem stems from,” according to Charles Wright, Owner of Appliance Repair Chapel Hill NC.


Don’t panic. A burning smell coming from a washing machine or any appliance can be alarming but it is not an immediate emergency. The odds are that a part inside of the machine has worn down and is causing friction. Drive belts are a common source of burning smells and odors. You can replace the drive belts on a washer in a matter of minutes. Motor pulleys can also create unpleasant burning odors and can be replaced relatively easily too.

The list above features just some of the most common problems that occur on residential washing machines. Each problem becomes more typical the older the appliance is. The closer a washer is to being 10 years or older the more likely these issues will start to occur. In the event the washer in your home starts to fail, we have provided a list of local service providers we recommend. Companies we recommend:

Wright Appliance Repair
Chapel Hill, NC

Ignite Miami Beach Appliance Repair
Miami Beach, FL

Livermore Appliance Repair Pros
Livermore, CA

Twin Cities Appliance Service Center
Minneapolis, MN

Econo Appliance Service
San Diego, CA


Dryer Repair Intro


Below is an introductory guide to dryer repair. A clothes dryer has become a common appliance in most homes in the USA. Brands and manufacturers include GE, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Electrolux and Samsung. The average lifetime of a residential clothes dryer is around 10 years. That timeline can increase with proper care and maintenance.

The consensus among appliance repairmen and professional services is that a clothes dryer is one of the easier home appliances to repair. “Several of the repairs listed below require less than 30 minutes to complete with the proper parts and tools in place,” according to Darrin Gable, who offers appliance repair in Citrus Heights. However, comfort level will determine how true that is. Baker Appliance Parts never encourages proceeding with DIY repair unless the homeowner is 100% confident in their ability and tools.

We recommend hiring a local appliance repair service in your neighborhood if you do not feel you are able to both safely and successfully complete a repair. A failed attempt can lead to a larger problem than the original. We have provided recommendations for some local companies well known for their dryer repair service.

Please continue reading for a list of common dryer problems and tips on how to troubleshoot and repair them:


The first sign of trouble that often occurs on a household appliance are loud or unusual noises coming from the machine. This is also true of clothes dryers. Loud noises can signify the beginning of several major problems and need to be addressed as soon as possible. The main reasons for loud noises coming from a dryer are worn out belts, seals or bearings. You can find replacement dryer parts online or from a local parts distributor in your neighborhood.


There are several reasons a dryer won’t start or turn on. The first reason, and most obvious, is if it is not plugged in. Cords can become loose over time or kicked and come unplugged. The other simple reason for this problem is a tripped circuit breaker. Check these two possible causes off the list first before further troubleshooting. Then inspect the heating element, the high limit thermostat and the cycling thermostat. You can replace the faulty part or call on a professional appliance repair company for assistance.


You need high heat from a dryer in order for it to be useful*. If you find the laundry you put in your dryer to continuously be damp or wet after a cycle, the machine is not producing enough heat. There are two reasons for this problem. The first is a broken or defective heating element. The other is a burnt out fuse. Look for signs of defects on both dryer parts and then replace the part that appears to be the problem. In the case of a defective fuse, the best route might be to replace all of them to be safe.

*In the event the heat from your dryer is too high, you will need to inspect the same parts that can cause the heat to be too low. Look over fuses and thermostats to try to identify the cause of the high heat coming from the appliance.


The other main function of a clothes dryer is for it to tumble during a cycle. The combination of heat and tumbling is what dries the clothing inside the appliance. You need both elements in sync in order for the dryer to work. “The first thing our technicians look for when a dryer won’t tumble is whether there is a defective belt or switch somewhere on the appliance, ” says Jim Delton, Owner of Jim’s Appliance in Boise, ID. You can hire an appliance repairman near you or use our tips to complete the repair on your own.


Clothes dryers are on a timed cycle set by a timer switch or panel. The timer initiates the heat and tumbling and then ends it once complete. If a timer does not advance, a cycle will not begin or pause in the middle of operation. A paused timer can also lead to the dryer not turning off in which case you will want to unplug the appliance. There are two reasons the timer on a dryer does not advance: cycling thermostats and timer motors. Troubleshoot both parts to identify the cause of the problem and then replace the part that no longer works.

These are just some of the more common problems that occur on dryers. The repairs above can be completed by an amateur handyman or homeowner. However, this depends on comfort level and the tools at your disposal. Sometimes it is simply safer and better to rely on a local appliance repairman. Especially if the repair in question is complicated. Below are some local services we recommend for dryer repair:

Jim’s Appliance
Boise, ID

Crown Citrus Heights Appliance Repair
Citrus Heights, CA

Awesome Appliance Repair
Sacramento, CA

ASAPpliance Repair
Nashville, TN