Below is an introductory guide to stove and oven repair. A kitchen is not complete without a stove top and an oven. There are several brands and models of stoves to choose from. Popular brands include GE, LG, Samsung, KitchenAid, Haier and Jenn-Air. The quality of the stove will determine its expected lifetime. On average, an oven will last around 10 years before regular repair is needed.

You can attempt DIY oven repair. But, do not do so without the proper tools and comfort level. It is always better to be cautious whenever possible. If you are not 100% comfortable in proceeding with a repair, it is best to hire a professional for stove repair or oven repair or company that offers appliance repair in Hesperia.

Read through the list of possible repairs below. Each repair includes troubleshooting tips and common causes. If a repair sounds too complicated, we have also provided a list of recommend local appliance repair companies that can help with all of the problems below. If we do not list an appliance repair service near you, please contact us for a local recommendation.

Please continue reading for a list of common stove problems and oven problems and how to troubleshoot and repair them:


A stove isn’t of much use if it won’t turn on. First and foremost, ensure the appliance is plugged in and that all circuit breakers are flipped on. Then, proceed to troubleshoot the bake and broil element on the oven as well as the burner igniter, the surface element and the infinite switch. Determine which of these parts is the cause of the problem and then replace it with a new part.


You need an oven to reach high temperatures in order to broil and bake food. Low temperatures will ruin the food or extend the time required for cooking. There are two parts that are the most common causes for this problem. The first part is the bake element. Inspect this first. The second part is the oven sensor. Determine which part is preventing the oven from heating properly and then replace it.


The opposite problem occurs when an oven is too hot. If temperatures are too hot too fast, it can lead to burnt food. You should first inspect the thermostats on the oven. An incorrect reading could be the issue and a new thermostat is needed. The other cause of the problem could be the sensors on the oven. You can replace sensors with parts from an appliance part store near your home.


The burners on a stove top must produce extreme heat in order to boil water and cook food. Baker Appliance Parts recommends inspecting the following three parts to determine the cause of the issue: burner switch, terminal block and surface burner element. You can find replacement parts from a local appliance part retailer or online from Baker Appliance Parts. You can also hire a local professional who should have the necessary parts on-hand for their repair.


This problem only occurs on gas ovens and stove tops. The pilot light on the oven must be lit in order for the appliance to heat. You will sometimes notice the gas igniter glows but it does not light. In this case, we recommend inspecting the safety valve, surface igniter and the temperature sensor. You might come to find that repairing a gas stove is too complicated and determine it is time to call a professional appliance repairman for their service.


You need a functioning timer on an oven in order to ensure food is not broiled or baked for too long or too short. The good news is that the only cause for a malfunctioning timer is a broken control board. The bad news is that control boards are very complicated. If the problem is obvious, you can proceed with DIY repair, however, in this case, it might be best to hire an appliance repair company to repair or replace a broken control board.

The list above is just some of the most common problems that can occur on older models of stoves and ovens. In the event a repair is too complicated, we recommend hiring a professional to troubleshoot and complete the repair. Below is a list of certified appliance repair companies able to fix broken stoves and ovens. Companies we recommend:

Premiere Plantation Appliance Repair
Plantation, FL

Hesperian Appliance Repair Brothers
Hesperia, CA

Buxton’s Appliance Repair
Fort Worth, OK

Top Shelf Appliance
Tacoma, WA