Below is an introductory guide to washer repair. You will find a washing machine in almost every home in the USA. Brands and manufacturers include GE, Whirlpool, Sears, Samsung, Electrolux and Haier. A residential washing machine has an average lifetime of around 10 years. You can extend the lifetime of the appliance with routine maintenance and proper care.

Your comfort level, tools and budget will determine whether you should proceed with DIY repairs for the issues listed below or if it would be better to enlist the services of a local appliance repair service like Ignite who offers appliance repair in Miami Beach or one of the other services below. Baker Appliance Parts encourages amateur handymen and inexperienced homeowners to consider hiring a professional opposed to potentially damaging an appliance further during an attempted repair.

Read through the list of repairs below. If the repair sounds too complicated, we have provided a list of local appliance repair companies recognized for their washer repair service and recommended in the industry. You will find their contact information below. If none of the recommended providers are in your area, you can contact us for a local recommendation.

Please continue reading for a list of common washing machine problems and how to troubleshoot and repair them:


The most common symptom of a broken washing machine or any type of appliance is the presence of loud or strange noises coming from the machine. The type of noise will help determine the source of the problem. For a rattle sound, inspect the pump motor on the washer. For a grinding sound, inspect the washers and bearings for wear or friction. If the noise persists after replacement of the motor, bearings or washers, contact a washing machine repairman near you.


A residential washer requires several gallons of water during each operating cycle. This means there could be a major mess if the machine starts to leak water from it. The likely cause of the leak is either a worn pump or worn door seals. The other common cause of a leaking washing machine is a failed water inlet valve. You can find the necessary replacement parts online or from a local parts distributor. Basic tools are required for this repair.


A washer agitates and spins in order to disperse the laundry throughout the interior of the machine. This is a critical component of the operating cycle. The main reason a washing machine stops spinning is if there is a problem with the direct drive motor coupling on the appliance. A broken door lock or wax motor can also lead to a washer no longer spinning as it should. This is a more complicated repair and is best suited for a professional appliance repair company.


The initial stage of a washing machine cycle involves filling the machine with several gallons of water. The washing machine must be full of water in order to successfully wash the clothing items inside of it. “The first part to test if a washer does not fill with water is the inlet hose on the appliance. This is often the reason for this problem. If the problem persists, inspect the water inlet valve and the lid switch as well to see if that is where the problem stems from,” according to Charles Wright, Owner of Appliance Repair Chapel Hill NC.


Don’t panic. A burning smell coming from a washing machine or any appliance can be alarming but it is not an immediate emergency. The odds are that a part inside of the machine has worn down and is causing friction. Drive belts are a common source of burning smells and odors. You can replace the drive belts on a washer in a matter of minutes. Motor pulleys can also create unpleasant burning odors and can be replaced relatively easily too.

The list above features just some of the most common problems that occur on residential washing machines. Each problem becomes more typical the older the appliance is. The closer a washer is to being 10 years or older the more likely these issues will start to occur. In the event the washer in your home starts to fail, we have provided a list of local service providers we recommend. Companies we recommend:

Wright Appliance Repair
Chapel Hill, NC

Ignite Miami Beach Appliance Repair
Miami Beach, FL

Livermore Appliance Repair Pros
Livermore, CA

Twin Cities Appliance Service Center
Minneapolis, MN

Econo Appliance Service
San Diego, CA